Naturactive FRAGON. 30 capsules
  • Naturactive FRAGON. 30 capsules

Naturactive FRAGON. 30 capsules


Indications :

. relieve symptoms of leg discomfort and heaviness associated with minor venous circulatory disorders
. To relieve itching and burning associated with hemorrhoids.


Description: Its use is reserved for the specified indication on the exclusive basis of the seniority of the use.
Oral way. Reserved for adults.
1 capsule morning and evening to be taken with a large glass of water.
The duration of use is limited to 4 weeks.
If symptoms persist for more than 2 weeks, consult a doctor.

Recommendations for: Elusanes Fragon
This drug should not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Read the instructions carefully. Ask your pharmacist for advice. If the symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

The active ingredients of : Elusanes Fragon
Fragon (or Little Holly)
Scientific name: Ruscus aculeatus L.
Part used: the rhizome
Plant/extract ratio: 2.5 to 6.5 kg of plants are needed to obtain 1 kg of dry extract of Fragon
Dosage per capsule: 200 mg dry extract of Fragon.
This evergreen thorny bush, nicknamed "Little Holly" or Fragon, is common in our undergrowth. Its "leaves" are in fact flattened branches; each of them has a tiny flower in its centre which turns into a pretty round red berry in autumn.
The rhizome of Fragon is traditionally used to relieve symptoms of venous insufficiency such as heavy legs or haemorrhoidal disorders.

Situation to be avoided:
- sitting or standing for too long
- trampling
- wearing clothes that are too tight (tight trousers, boots)
- shoes with heels that are too low or too high
- exposure of the legs to the sun or to sources of heat
- excessive weight gain
- foods known to promote congestion of the veins: alcohol, spices, coffee, tea, tobacco.
- raise your legs whenever possible, especially in bed at night
- take regular physical exercise (brisk walking, swimming, gymnastics, cycling)
- shower your legs with cold water, massage them and wear compression stockings, tights or socks.


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