Aderma Dermalibour Fragile Zones Stick - 8G

Aderma Dermalibour Fragile Zones Stick - 8G


Indications: The Stick Fragile Zones Dermalibour of the laboratories A-Derma was formulated to repair and alleviate the sensitive and irritated skin of the small surfaces and zones exposed to the aggressions (face, hands, body). Skin irritations, chapping, irritative dermatitis, perioral dermatitis, commissural fissures, scabs, contact eczema, redness of the seat. Adults, children and infants.

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Description: Composed of Copper and Zinc and without paraben the Stick Dermalibour Aderma repairs and cleanses the irritations. The skin of the exposed and sensitive zones of the body and the face is protected, hydrated, alleviated.


Data sheet

Skin type
Atopic skin
Dry skin
Sensitive and reactive skin
Very dry skin

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