PILEJE immuchoc
  • PILEJE immuchoc

PILEJE Melioran 90 tablets



Melioran® is a combination of selected plant active ingredients, resulting from the scientific and technical expertise of the PiLeJe Laboratory:

- Rhodiola extract obtained using the patented Phytostandard® extraction process.


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Rhodiola has multiple properties: it helps the body to adapt to emotional stress, helps to stimulate the nervous system and improve the state of mind, including mood.

-Safracetin® extract, made from stigmas of the "Sargol" variety of saffron, category 1

ISO 3632 standard, the purest quality of saffron.

Net weight: 64 g

Bulking agents: calcium phosphates and microcrystalline cellulose, Phytostandard® Rhodiola extract(Rhodiola rosea L. roots) (carrier: acacia fibre), stabiliser: croscarmellose sodium, Safracetin® saffron extract(Crocus sativus L. stigmas) (carrier: maltodextrin), anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate

Nutritional analysis

For 2 tablets :

Phytostandard® rhodiola extract (roots): 308 mg

Safracetin® saffron extract (stigmas): 30 mg


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