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Silettum Boost Hair Growth and Resistance 3 x 60 capsules


1 month of treatment FREE! For hair and nails that are weakened or brittle, SILETTUM boost is a food supplement formulated to take care of hair from the inside. Its innovative formula boosts the growth* and the resistance of hair** and nails thanks to a synergy of natural ingredients (rocket*, nettle**, bilberry, vitamins B).

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Granions Liver Detox 1000 mg 60 tablets

Granions Détox Foie is a food complement which, thanks to the dandelion, helps to support the detoxification of the organization, supports the hepatic and biliary functions, contributes to the digestive comfort, supports the urinary elimination.

This complete formula contains 12 active ingredients including 5 plants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Active ingredients: Desmodium - Artichoke - Dandelion

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Fertifol 400 micrograms 90 tablets


Fertifol 400 micrograms is a folic acid medicine, offered in tablet form. It helps to correct alterations in methionine metabolism. This medicine is also indicated for prevention of neural tube closure anomaly in case of pregnancy desire.

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