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Slimming and nutrition

Phytotherapy and weight loss, plants to lose weight

Slimming: which plants to lose weight? Plants such as guarana are known for their stimulating effect and are involved in fat burning. Others, such as fenugreek, are known to help with a lack of appetite. Apple pectin, bladderwrack, green tea, discover all our herbal medicines.

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Slimming and nutrition

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Naturactive PHYTO Apple Pectin 200mg 30 capsules

Indications: The appetite moderating effect of apple pectin is related to the mechanical action of this fiber. It also participates in the regulation of the intestinal absorption of fats.

€4.73 Price

Green Health Red Yeast Rice 600mg box of 60 tablets

Indications : The Yeast of Red Rice + of the Laboratories Green Health also contains policosanol, coenzyme Q10, vitamin E and artichoke. 0.43% of Monacoline K is 2.6 mg / tablet. No citrinin detected. Formula reinforced by policosanol, CoQ10, vitamin E, artichoke.

€16.22 Price

PILEJE PHYTOSTANDARD orthosiphon and pilosella 30 tablets

Indications :

- to improve digestive function

- facilitate the urinary elimination of toxins

- reduce water retention

- regulate weight

Phytostandard® of Orthosiphon and Pilosella is a food supplement based on extracts of orthosiphon(Orthosiphon stamineus Benth) and pilosella(Hieracium pilosella L.).

€11.33 Price