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Skin type

Normal to combination skin

Face care and lotions for the comfort of normal to combination skin

Discover our selection of top-of-the-range, inexpensive products for the care and comfort of faces with normal to combination skin.

Normal to combination skin

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Skinceuticals C E Ferulic stilligoutte bottle 30ml

Indications: SKINCEUTICALS SERUM CE FERULIC. C E Ferulic doubles the skin's natural antioxidant defences, prevents premature skin ageing and protects against damage caused by oxidative stress due to UVA exposure. Skin showing signs of photoaging. Dry or sensitive skin / sagging skin. Pigment spots

€121.25 Price

SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture pot 60ml

Indications: SKINCEUTICALS DAILY MOISTURE is a light moisturizing and pore minimizing cream with botanical extracts. For moisturizing normal to oily, hypersensitive or problem skin.

€45.00 Price

SkinCeuticals Eye Balm pot 15G

Indications: SKINCEUTICALS EYE BALM. This eye care product is intended for mature skin with age-related moisture loss, dull and delicate dry skin, skin showing signs of photoaging, and irritated skin

€58.63 Price

SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 stilligoutte bottle 30ml

SKINCEUTICALS HYDRATING B5 GEL is a moisture boosting fluid with Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B5. This fluid is ideal for dry, delicate or dull skin, oily skin, during air travel, as well as dry, parched lips.

€58.75 Price

SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Mask tube 75ml

Indications: SKINCEUTICALS HYDRATING B5 MASK is an intensive moisturizing mask with hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5. This mask is suitable for dry, delicate and dull skin, oily skin, but also for dry, parched lips, hands and feet.

€55.83 Price

SkinCeuticals Simply Clean pump bottle 200ml

Indication: SKINCEUTICALS SIMPLY CLEAN is a pore-reducing and detoxifying cleanser for problem skin, ideal for combination to oily skin. Perfecting care for men.

€31.00 Price

Sanoflore Anti-Aging Wonderful Look 15ml

Indications: A single application of this precious care is enough to protect and comfort the fragile skin around your eyes. Day after day, it becomes soft, supple and toned. Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced*.
* Clinical test

€22.49 Price

Sanoflore Rosa Fresca Light Cream . Tube 40ml

Indications: Light cream Rosa Fresca Certified Organic.

Moisturizing cream for normal to combination skin.

Organic Damask Rose hydrolate and hyaluronic acid of natural origin.

€16.58 Price

Sanoflore Lavender floral water 200ml

Indications: Suitable for sensitive skin.
Paraben free. The best of nature to purify and balance your skin!
Purifying and soothing, Lavender Fine floral water is particularly suitable for combination to oily skin.

€11.10 Price

Bioderma Photoderm Akn Mat SPF30 40ml

Indication: High photoprotection for combination to oily or acne-prone skin. - The high anti-UVB effectiveness and the unequalled "anti-UVA" performance of Photoderm AKN Mat protect in full safety from the sunstrokes and fight against the premature cutaneous ageing.

€9.25 Price

BIODERMA Sebium Mat Control. 30ml tube

Indications: Immediately, the skin is sublimated. Day after day, the skin is transformed.

Mixed to oily sensitive skin


€10.78 Price

DARPHIN IDEAL RESOURCE Micro-smoothing fluid Pump bottle 50ml


Developed to specifically address the needs of normal to combination skin, this ultra-lightweight fluid with LINE POLISH COMPLEX™ incorporates micro-refining technology that smoothes and evens the skin's surface with mattifying mineral extracts to tighten the appearance of pores and permanently neutralize any unwanted shine.

€35.42 Price