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Take care of your baby. For the health and comfort of your baby our pharmacists have selected a wide range of products for you. Relieve your baby's skin with our moisturizing products developed specifically for babies. Baby's cleansing isa special moment, combine it with quality products to fully enjoy these special moments. My consultant pharmacist also offers different types of milk: milk for premature babies, first age milk, second age milk and third agemilk. Do you need bottles, pacifiers or physiological soothers? See our selection ofbaby accessories.

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Bioderma ABCDerm Foaming Eco Format 1L

Indication: Face, body and hair care for infants and young children. This 3in1 product ensures a dermatological safety, it does not contain paraben nor of soap.

€9.92 Price

Bioderma ABCDERM H2O Micellar solution for babies. 1L bottle

Indications: The micellar solution ABCDerm H2O is indicated to clean carefully the sensitive skin of the babies and children, it is appropriate for the toilet of the face, the eyes, the hands and the seat. Without rinsing.

€9.08 Price

Gallia Croissance 3rd age. Powder 800G

Indications : Gallia Croissance 3rd age milk is the ideal milk that promotes the growth of your child from 1 year to 3 years. It prolongs the benefits of maternal milk and helps to reinforce the natural defences.

€9.47 Price

Gallia Calisma Relay 1st age. Powder 800G

Indications : The Gallia laboratory has developed Calisma Relais 1, an infant formula to replace breastfeeding, which is suitable for the particular feeding of infants from birth to 6 months, in accordance with the regulations.

€16.97 Price

Iprad Saforelle Pediatric Gentle Washing Gel. Bottle of 250ML

Indications: Saforelle Pediatric Cleansing Gel is indicated for cleansing and soothing the sensitive or irritated skin of babies and young children. Itching and irritation of the mucous membranes and sensitive skin of infants.

€3.45 Price

Mustela Bébé Cold Cream Nourishing Stick 9.2g

Indications :

Cold Cream Nourishing Stick

Dry areas exposed to external aggressions

Lips and cheekbones

Babies from birth and children

Tested under dermatological and paediatric control

High tolerance

Formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions

Dry skin

€5.58 Price

Mustela Bébé Massage oil. Spray of 100ML

Indications: Mustela Bébé Massage Oil is ideal for moisturising* the body of infants and babies with normal skin every day. *it is recommended for the upper layers of the epidermis.

€7.08 Price

Mustela Comforting Chest Balm. Tube of 40ML

Indication: The MUSTELA comforting balm is a moisturizing chest care with purifying scents of pine from the birth. Improves the comfort of the baby and helps him to pass a calm night.

€5.83 Price