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Avene Cold Cream Hand Cream Set of 2

Indications : Adapted to the desiccated, damaged hands, Avène Cold Cream Hands Lot of 2 relieves the hands attacked by physical, chemical or thermal agents. They find flexibility and softness.

€8.32 Price

Uriage Bariederm Isolating Repairing Cream - hands face body. Tube of 75ML

Indications: The Bariéderm repairing insulating cream from Uriage is indicated to repair and protect the hands, face and body having an attacked and irritated skin is subjected to the frictions or the aggressions of the daily life (chemicals, detergents, clothing, climatic conditions, water of swimming pool). Suitable for babies, children and adults. For professional or family use.

€7.08 Price

URIAGE - HAND CREAM SET Repairing Cream - 50ml x 2


Thanks to a complete action, the Hand Cream relieves, repairs, nourishes and protects dry, damaged hands, assaulted on a daily basis. Its melting and non-greasy texture leaves the hands soft and pleasantly scented.

€4.69 Price


Indication: Cicalfate Hands Insulating repairing cream.

Repairs*, soothes and protects your very dry and irritated hands more quickly. Repairing and antibacterial agents. Fragrance-free.

* of the superficial layers of the epidermis.

€7.78 Price

AKILENJUR Face cream hands feet chilblains and chapping prevention 75 ml

Akileïne Akilenjur Face Cream Hands and Feet Chilblains and Cracks 75 ml is a dermo-adjuvant formulated to fight against the chilblains and cracks. It is suitable for the face, hands and feet of the whole family from the age of 3 years.

It offers a preventive effect to protect the skin from the misdeeds of cold and moisture, and also soothing by calming itching and tingling and normalizing the structure of the epidermis.

€5.83 Price