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Blood circulation

Phytotherapy: plants for a better blood circulation

Difficult circulation? Certain plants such as horse chestnut, red vine or ginkgo are indicated to relieve the symptoms of venous insufficiency. Relieve heavy legs with plants.

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Blood circulation

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Santé Verte CIRCULYMPHE light legs. External Gel. Tube 150ml


Concentrated in natural plant extracts, Circulymphe® external gel has a long-lasting action on heavy and tired legs thanks to the refreshing virtues of its active ingredients.
Its intense freshness action lasts for several hours, the legs find lightness for a long-lasting well-being

€8.25 Price

Santé Verte Circulymphe Complex H 20 drinkable sticks

CIRCULYMPHE® COMPLEX H drinking sticks is a complex of 14 recognized ingredients including :

- Vitamin C which contributes to the normal formation of collagen to ensure the normal functioning of blood vessels

- Horse Chestnut and Holly

- Selenium, Vitamins C and E which provide antioxidant protection

€10.38 Price

Santé Verte CARDIOL - 60 tablets


This new generation statin-free complex brings together 12 targeted actives, including deodorized Garlic, to control and maintain normal cholesterol levels. Its garlic content is designed to maintain cardiovascular health while supporting circulation.

€18.38 Price

Naturactive FRAGON. 30 capsules

Indications :

. relieve symptoms of leg discomfort and heaviness associated with minor venous circulatory disorders
. To relieve itching and burning associated with hemorrhoids.

€4.45 Price

Naturactive PHYTO CIRCULATION 20 sticks

Indications : This product is a food complement of vegetable origin France for the circulation containing Red Vine, Blackcurrant, Blueberry.

Box of 28 sachets-sticks strawberry taste.

€8.50 Price

Diosmin 600mg Mylan Viatris 30 tablets


- Increases the tonicity of the venous walls and increases the resistance of the small blood vessels.

- Used in the event of heavy legs, or of hemorrhoidal crisis.

€3.63 Price