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What is phytotherapy? Phytotherapy is a natural medicine based on the use of plants and their extracts. Phytotherapy is used for its effectiveness and the few side effects it generates. Discover all our herbal medicines to relieve and treat winter ailments, circulation, sleep and anxiety problems and painful joints. Phytotherapy also helps to improve blood circulation, urinary elimination, and overall body and mind tone.

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Naturactive Hawthorn 200mg 30 capsules

Indications: Traditionally used in the treatment of cardiac erethism in adults (healthy heart). Traditionally used in the symptomatic treatment of neurotonic states in adults and children, especially in cases of minor sleep disorders.

Herbal medicine.

€5.36 Price

Green Health Somniphyt 30' Melatonin box of 30 tablets

Indications: Fast sleep, without addiction, without side effects. Somniphyt 30 is a food supplement based on plants, vitamin B6 and melatonin that helps to fight quickly and effectively against insomnia by acting on : The time to fall asleep

€10.40 Price

Naturactive Urisanol Cranberry 36mg box of 28 sticks

Indications : Herbal medicine. The Cranberry (American cranberry - Vaccinium macrocarpon Aiton) is traditionally consumed across the Atlantic in the form of drinks or culinary preparations. Its berries are nowadays appreciated for the female well-being.

€10.23 Price