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You are going on holiday? Or simply for your home, be equipped for the small everyday hurts: disinfection, stings, burns, wounds ... Take care of your eyes with our choice of ophthalmological drugs

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First Aid

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Alodont Mouthwash 200ml

Indications : Alodont mouthwash is recommended for the local treatment of infections of the mouth or in care after surgery of the oral cavity.

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Arnican Cream 4% 50g

Indications : It is used in the auxiliary treatment of bruises occurring after a shock.

This cream contains an extract of arnica with anti-oedematous aim.

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Arnigel 1st Aid - 45g tube Arnigel 1st Aid - 45g tube
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Arnigel 1st Aid - 45g tube

Indications : ARNIGEL, gel is a homeopathic medicine traditionally used in the local treatment of benign traumatology in the absence of wound (bruises, contusions, muscle fatigue ...) in adults and children from one year.

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Bepanthen ointment 5% tube of 100g

Indications: This medication is indicated for the treatment of skin irritation, particularly in cases of diaper rash (red bottoms) in infants.

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Biafine Emulsion Tube 93g

Indications: First and second degree burns and any other non-infected skin wound. Erythema secondary to radiotherapy treatments.

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Biafineact emulsion tube of 139.5g


BIAFINEACT, emulsion for cutaneous application, is indicated in the treatment of: - Superficial and small burns, including localized sunburns, - Non-infected skin wounds.

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Camilia Boiron 30 unidoses drinkable 1ml dental thrust

CAMILIA, is a homeopathic medicine traditionally used in disorders attributed to teething (pain and redness of the gums, hypersalivation, irritability ...) in infants. Drinkable solution in single-dose container

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Cerulyse Ear Drops 10ml

Indications: This medication is an oily ear solution used to dissolve earwax plugs.

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Cortisedermyl cream 0,5% 15g

Indications : It is indicated in the adult and the child of more than 6 years in the event of: stings of nettles, insect bites, localised sunstrokes.

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Dakin solution for local application 250ml

Indications: This drug is a local antiseptic for external use (it is used for disinfection of the skin and mucous membranes). This drug is recommended in: antisepsis of the skin and mucous membranes, antisepsis of wounds.

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Eosin 2% 10 unidoses of 2ml

Indications : This solution contains a light local antiseptic with drying aim. It is used in the adjunctive treatment of skin lesions likely to become infected, in particular the redness of the buttocks of infants.

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Flector tissugel 5 emplatres 10cmx14cm

Indications: This drug is indicated in adults (over 15 years), in the symptomatic treatment of pain of tendino-ligamentary origin, and post-traumatic pain: sprains and bruises. This drug is indicated in adults in the treatment of painful flare-ups of osteoarthritis of the knee, after a first medical opinion.

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H.E.C Dermal/Nasal Ointment HEC 25g

Indications : Dermatology: Local adjunctive treatment of superficial burns of small extent. Rhinology: Local adjuvant treatment in case of nose bleed.

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Hemoclar cream 30g

Indications: This medicine is recommended as an adjunctive local treatment of benign trauma (bruises, blows) in adults and children from one year.

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