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Strepsils Lidocaine 24 Tablets

Indications: This medicine is indicated for adults and children over 6 years of age in case of mild sore throat without fever, mouth ulcers, small mouth sores

€6.08 Price

Acetylcysteine Biogaran powder 200MG - 20 sachets


This medicine liquefies the secretions (mucus) present in the bronchi. It facilitates their evacuation by coughing.

It is used in case of fatty cough with difficulty to spit, in particular during acute bronchitis.

€2.17 Price

Acthéane Hot Flashes 120 tablets Boiron

Boiron Acthéane Bouffées de Chaleur 120 tablets is recommended in case of functional disorders related to menopause. Homeopathic medicine traditionally used in hot flashes and functional disorders of menopause. This homeopathic medicine is to be taken daily, twice a day, but should not exceed 1 month

€13.63 Price

Actisulfur Nasal/Oral Spray - 100ml


Recommended for chronic inflammatory conditions of the upper respiratory tract such as chronic rhinitis and rhinopharyngitis.

Suitable for all ages

€5.45 Price

Activir cream 5% - Tube of 2 gr


This medication is indicated for the treatment of localized herpes labialis (also known as "cold sores")

From 6 years of age

€3.54 Price

Alfa Amylase Syrup 200ml


This medication is indicated for mild sore throats without fever.

For adults only

€3.59 Price

Alodont Mouthwash 200ml

Indications : Alodont mouthwash is recommended for the local treatment of infections of the mouth or in care after surgery of the oral cavity.

€3.63 Price

Arnican Cream 4% 50g

Indications : It is used in the auxiliary treatment of bruises occurring after a shock.

This cream contains an extract of arnica with anti-oedematous aim.

€3.08 Price