Crèmes hydroalcooliques

Crèmes hydroalcooliques

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Wyritol Hydro-Alcoholic Hand Cream Monoï and Jasmine 75 ml

Indications :

More than a gel, a hydroalcoholic cream! For the disinfection and the care of the hands.

Its unctuous texture hydrates and does not dry the skin, your hands remain soft and perfumed durably.

No water / No rinsing / No wiping.

€3.70 Price

Baccide Hydrating and Antibacterial Hand Cream 50 ml

Baccide Moisturizing and Antibacterial Hand Cream 50 ml is a double action hand cream. Not only it hydrates continuously during 12 hours, but it also has an antibacterial action.

Indication: Hygiene and care of the hands.

€3.33 Price