CarboSylane 96 Capsules


Medicine used to treat bloating (intestinal meteorism) and difficult digestion (dyspepsia).

Carbosylane in capsules is a medicine composed of activated charcoal (140 mg) and simeticone (45 mg). This drug sold without prescription belongs to the family of intestinal adsorbents and anti flatulence.
Carbosylane is reserved for adults and children over 15 years.

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Formula of Carbosylane

The active ingredients of Carbosylane are activated charcoal and simeticone, to which sorbitan oleate and polysorbate 80 are added.
Blue capsule: Gelatin, indigotine (8132), titanium dioxide (E171)
Red capsule: Gelatin, erythrosine (8127), titanium dioxide (El71), indigotine (8132), cellulose acetate phthalate, diethyl phthalate

The blue capsule is gastro-soluble, i.e. its contents are released without the stomach, while the red capsule is gastro-resistant so that its contents are released in the intestine.

Dosage of Carbosylane

Take one blue and one red capsule simultaneously, i.e. one dose of Carbosylane.

Take 3 doses per day with a large glass of water and preferably at mealtime.

The capsules should be taken at a distance (2 hours) from other drugs, particularly those with a narrow therapeutic margin such as digitalis. The treatment should not exceed 10 days without medical advice.

Precautions for use of Carbosylane

This medicine against bloating can be used during breastfeeding. It is preferable to seek medical advice during pregnancy.

Carbosylane may turn stools black.

In case of known allergy(s) to any of the compounds in the formula, Carbosylane should not be taken.

Before taking any medicine, read the leaflet carefully and if necessary ask for the advice of a pharmacist.

Packaging : box of 96 capsules or 48 doses of 2 twinned capsules (blue and red)


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