Caudalie Premier Cru Global Anti-Aging Cream 50 ml


Skin type : All skin types

Need : Overall anti-aging

Key ingredients : Viniferine, TET8™ patented technology

Texture : Cream

Use: Morning and night, after your serum

48 hours
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What are they?

Premier Cru refills are only compatible with the new Premier Cru creams. The refills do not reseal and cannot be used alone: they are designed to be used only with the refillable jar.

Caudalie is committed to combining beauty and eco-responsibility. The capsules make it easy to refill your La Crème Premier Cru jar.

An exceptional anti-aging skin care product, La Crème Premier Cru is boosted by patented TET8™ technology to correct the 8 markers of aging without compromise: established wrinkles, fine lines, firmness, volume, elasticity, spots, hydration, radiance.


97% naturally derived ingredients

Dermatologically tested



100% natural fragrance

Visible results

Wrinkles corrected: 93%*, fine lines reduced: 87%, spots faded: 93%, complexion glowing: 93%, skin firmer: 97%, better elasticity: 96%, facial volume more harmonious: 94%, skin hydrated: 100%**

*Clinical study, % satisfaction, 31 volunteers, 56 days. **Clinical study, % satisfaction, 32 volunteers, 56 days.

Did you know?

This cream is rich in tensor sugars with a visible effect from 3 minutes to 6 hours.


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