Bioderma Crealine AR Tinted Anti-Redness Cream. Tube 40ML
  • Bioderma Crealine AR Tinted Anti-Redness Cream. Tube 40ML

Bioderma Crealine AR Tinted Cream Anti-Redness. Tube 40ML


Indications: Bioderma Crealine AR Tinted Anti-Redness Cream is particularly indicated for reducing and blurring redness while moisturising and protecting sensitive and reactive skin. Its shade is suitable for all skin tones. - Intense temporary redness (climatic aggressions, emotions, food, heating, etc.) - Permanent redness (small visible vessels).

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Description: Specially formulated for a chronoprotective action, Bioderma Créaline AR Tinted Cream guarantees an immediate and durable result: - The association of intense alleviating credits decreases the rednesses and the feelings of heat instantaneously. - Thanks to the effectiveness of the selected anti-redness active ingredients, the patented and innovative Rosactiv complex acts directly on the factor responsible for the dilation and weakening of the skin capillaries (sources of permanent redness). Bioderma Créaline AR Tinted Cream thus makes it possible to fight durably against the installation and the aggravation of diffuse redness.

Used daily, Créaline AR Tinted Cream reduces the intensity of redness and reduces the frequency of its appearance. The tinted cream covers redness and enhances the natural colour of the complexion. The patented natural DAF complex increases the skin's tolerance threshold. The moisturising and restructuring active ingredients provide real skin comfort. Bioderma Crealine AR Tinted Cream helps to restore a luminous complexion.

Very pleasant, the cream texture, light and not fatty, optimizes the wellbeing of the skin. Without paraben.

Directions for use: Apply the Créaline tinted cream in the morning to perfectly cleansed skin using the Créaline H2O lotion.


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Sensitive and reactive skin

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