Bioderma Crealine TS H2O Economic Size Lot of 2x500ML

Bioderma Crealine TS H2O Economic Size Lot of 2x500ML


Indication: Cleaning and/or make-up removal in softness of the sensitive, dry and fragile skins. Also allows a make-up removal of the eyes even the most sensitive.

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Description: Specially formulated for very dry sensitive skin, the micellar solution Créaline TS H2O Bioderma gently cleanses the face and eyes (removes makeup resistant to water). The micelles allow a perfect micro-emulsion of the dirt while respecting the cutaneous balance (without soap, physiological pH).

Enriched with moisturising* and film-forming active ingredients, Créaline TS H2O combats skin dehydration. The soothing and decongesting active ingredients prevent the feelings of irritation often associated with cleansing. Excellent skin and eye tolerance.

Fragrance-free, alcohol-free, phenoxyethanol-free.

* Upper layers of the epidermis.

Directions for use : Soak a cotton pad. To clean and/or remove make-up face and eyes. Repeat the application until the cotton pad is clean. Dry by tapping gently.


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