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SANOFLORE Aqua Magnifica. Bottle 200ml
  • SANOFLORE Aqua Magnifica. Bottle 200ml

SANOFLORE Aqua Magnifica. 400ml bottle

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Indications: Skin perfecting botanical essence

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  • Description:

Aqua magnifica Perfecting Botanical Essence is designed to restore the skin's balance, purity and serenity and keep it free of imperfections.
It frees the skin from impurities so that it regains its oxygenation, calms inflammation and oxidation reactions, and stimulates desquamation so that the skin regains its freshness and radiance.
The skin recovers harmony. Without irregularities, even naked, the skin is perfect.

  • Application:

The first step in the care of all beauties for 3 actions

1 - Cleansing: removes impurities with the 1st cotton pad
2 - Toning: purifying and astringent effect with the 2nd cotton pad
3 - Treatment: liquid serum effective on imperfections (tests show). Perfect skin finish, without irregularities, even naked.
On oily skins: twice-daily purifying ritual, under the usual care.
On mixed skins: rebalances the T-zone, and as soon as temporary imperfections appear.
It can be used alone or under the smoothness of a cream

  • Ingredients: 9 organic essential oils and a peppermint totum

9 essential oils, associated with the total extract of peppermint, constitute the active heart of Aqua magnifica. Their synergy orchestrates their ability to repel the 4 major causes of imperfections. This complex demonstrates* an anti-bacterial efficacy equivalent to that of dermatological reference actives, reduces the cohesion of cells in the stratum corneum that alter the velvety surface of the skin and the radiance of the complexion, has an antioxidant efficacy equivalent to that of green tea, and reduces the release of inflammatory molecules responsible for the intensification of blemishes.

*In vitro tests


Specific References

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