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La rosée Gentle Facial Scrub with Organic Aloe Vera 60 ml

The gentle facial scrub with organic aloe vera gently removes the layer of dead cells that cover the skin, thanks to the small beads of exfoliating jojoba wax. The skin is perfectly smooth and purified. The gel texture and the marine scent provide an immediate sensation of freshness!

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La Rosée Moisturizing Body Cream 400 ml

The organic shea butter body cream is the ideal care to moisturize you in an optimal way. Your skin is comforted, nourished and soothed, for the whole day. Its unctuous texture does not stick and its light smell of orange blossom and rose, wraps your body in a veil of softness.

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La Rosée Moisturizing body cream with shea butter BIO 200 ml

The organic shea butter body cream is the ideal care to moisturize you in an optimal way. Your skin is comforted, nourished and soothed, for the whole day. Its unctuous texture does not stick and its light smell of orange blossom and rose, wraps your body in a veil of softness

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La Rosée Moisturizing Cream with Organic Shea Butter 60 ml

This moisturizing cream, very rich in organic shea butter, perfectly nourishes and soothes your skin. It finds its flexibility, its softness and its vitality. The texture is rich, unctuous and non greasy. The slightly vanilla scent amplifies the perception of a comforted and soothed skin!

Ideal for the dry to very dry sensitive skins

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La Rosée Moisturizing Toner 200 ml

The moisturizing tonic with organic chamomile and trace elements is a concentrate of nature in a spray! The vegetable glycerin moisturizes perfectly. The trace elements and minerals revitalize and give radiance to the skin. The organic floral hydrolats of chamomile and rose soothe. The skin is soft, radiant and perfectly quenched!

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La Rosée my little cleansing milk with organic sweet almond oil 400 ml

The cleansing milk has an ultra-efficient 2-in-1 action:

- It cleans the body and the seat of baby and washes the face very gently.

- Thanks to the oil of sweet almond BIO, it hydrates and reforms the hydrolipidic film of the skin of baby, for a maximum protection.

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La Rosée my little liniment with extra virgin olive oil 400 ml

100% natural origin. It is composed of only 5 ingredients: water, cold-pressed olive oil, to clean, nourish and protect, a natural emulsifier, lime water, to protect from the acidity of stools and urine and beeswax, to soften and nourish the skin. It cleans perfectly the buttocks of baby while depositing a protective lipidic film, which prevents the rednesses and the erythemas buttocks!

indication: cleaning of the seat

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La Rosée my little ultra-soft cleansing gel with organic vegetable glycerin 400 ml

The ultra-gentle cleansing gel gently cleanses face, body and hair in the bath. The texture foams gently, is easy to rinse and does not sting the eyes. The skin and hair are perfectly clean, supple and pleasantly scented!

It protects baby's immature skin flora, thanks to its gentle active ingredients such as vegetable glycerin, olive oil and allantoin.

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La Rosée Plumping Facial Serum 30 ml

The plumping face serum is 100% of natural origin. It is composed of 4 nourishing organic vegetable oils, each with complementary virtues to restore the skin's suppleness and radiance. Its ultra-melting oily texture is not greasy and does not stick. The slightly sweet smell creates an immediate love affair!

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La rosée Regenerating Mask Stick 3 in 1 75 ml

Renew your skin with our ultra-innovative white clay mask stick!

Particularly well suited for fragile and sensitive skin, which needs to be gently regenerated. The formula is without essential oils, it is suitable for future mothers!

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La Rosée S.O.S Repair Balm 20 gr

Multi-purpose SOS balm 100% natural origin, with waxes and vegetable oils, which repairs, nourishes and soothes the weakened areas of the face and body.

Nomadic format: easy to slip into your bag!

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La Rosée Shower oil of organic sunflower 400 ml

The shower oil gently cleanses the face and body of sensitive skin. It perfectly nourishes the skin thanks to its unique formula, composed essentially of organic sunflower seed oil. The skin is soft and perfectly relipidated, for a long time. In contact with water, the oil turns into a fine creamy foam, with a fresh and delicate smell

All types of skin

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La Rosée Sun Milk SPF 30 150 ml

Sun Milk SPF 30 offers your face and body optimal broad spectrum protection against the harmful effects of the sun and skin aging.

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La Rosée Ultra-gentle & natural surgras soap 100 gr

Healthy and ecological formula, economic format, the solid soap has many advantages! With its high content of nourishing and moisturizing agents such as organic shea butter and vegetable glycerin, La Rosée Surgras Soap protects and respects the hydrolipidic film. The skin is perfectly cleaned, soft and delicately perfumed!

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La Rosée ultra-gentle micellar cleansing gel 195 ml

The micellar gel effectively removes make-up from the face, eyes and lips.the organic aloe vera soothes the most sensitive skin; the lemon hydrolate purifies and leaves the skin clean; the organic floral hydrolates of rose and chamomile soften and delicately perfume the skin with a flowery note. The skin is perfectly clean, while being soft, comfortable and hydrated!

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La Rosée Ultra-repairing hand cream 50 ml

With its 99% natural formula, the ultra-repairing hand cream with organic medicinal plants nourishes and protects your dry or damaged hands. Organic arnica montana and organic calendula repair and heal your chapped and small wounds. Your hands have never been so soft, supple and moisturized, they find all their comfort!

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