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Freestyle Libre 2 box of 1 Sensor



The Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor is a small device that allows for self-monitoring of sugar levels. Diabetics must regularly measure their glucose level in order to limit the risks of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia.



Today, the Freestyle Libre 2 sensor is designed to make your daily blood glucose testing experience better.

Simply place the sensor on your arm using the applicator provided. Once in place, the sensor can be stored for up to 14 days. Correctly applied, it fits perfectly and will accompany you in your daily life without bothering you, even during your sports activities. Waterproof IP27, it can resist to an immersion under one meter of water during 30 minutes. You can therefore keep it in your shower or bath without affecting its performance. You can also wear it when swimming in the sea or pool, making sure you respect its waterproof conditions

To measure your blood sugar level, nothing could be simpler, you will just have to bring the Freestyle Libre 2 meter close to the sensor to know your sugar level. Indeed, the Freestyle Libre 2 meter measures the level of glucose in the interstitial liquid and displays it within a second on its large touch screen or on your mobile phone if you use the dedicated application.

It is also possible to set glucose alarms to be alerted when the results are not within the predefined values.


Compatible with the FreeStyle Libre 2 Meter, FreeStyle LibreLink app and FreeStyle Libre Meter (updated).

Sensor glucose test method: Electrochemical sensor

Sensor glucose result range: 40 to 500 mg/dl

Sensor size: 5 mm height and 35 mm diameter

Weight: 5 g

Power Source: 1 silver oxide battery

Sensor Life: Up to 14 days

Sensor memory: 8 hours (glucose results recorded every 15 minutes)

Sensor range: 6 meters (unobstructed)

Operating temperature: 10°C to 45°C

Applicator and sensor pack storage temperature: 4°C to 25°C

Water Resistance and Ingress Protection: IP27: Can withstand submersion in 1 m of water for up to 30 minutes. Protected against the insertion of objects with a diameter > 12 mm

Box Contents:

1 sensor applicator

1 sensor (sterile)

1 leaflet

Instructions for use:

Choose an application site on your arm as indicated in the instructions.

Wash the application site thoroughly with ordinary soap, dry, then clean the application site with an alcohol wipe. Allow to dry.

Remove the cover from the sensor pack.

Unscrew the applicator cap.

Align the dark mark on the applicator with the dark mark on the sensor pack and press the applicator down firmly until it stops.

Remove the applicator from the sensor pack.

All that is left to do is apply. Note that the applicator has a needle. Do not touch the inside of the sensor applicator or place it back in the sensor pack.

Place the applicator just above the application site and push down firmly to apply the sensor.

Gently remove the applicator.

Make sure the sensor is securely in place.

The sensor will automatically shut off after 14 days of use, so you will need to replace it.


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