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Indications: Doriance Solaire is a food supplement that prepares, strengthens and prolongs the tan. Prevention of photo-aging.

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Description: Exposed to the sun, the skin is attacked and ages more quickly. To protect it from the harmful U.V. rays, the natural mechanism of bronzing is activated, but this phenomenon is not immediate. To help the skin defend itself, it is possible to prepare it better from the first rays of sun.

With Doriance Solaire, reconcile tanning and respect for the skin: a better protected and more tolerant skin to the sun; a concentrate of anti-oxidants consisting of 7 Phytopigments®, a concentrate of vitamin E and selenium responds to the attacks of free radicals produced by UV rays responsible for premature aging of the skin.

Results: +14% improvement in sun tolerance demonstrated by the increase in the Minimum Erythemal Dose (MED) in a clinical study (MED or Minimum Erythemal Dose, corresponds to the amount of radiant energy necessary to produce the first sunburn).

A sublimated tan: 7 Phytopigments® in different shades provide an even, natural-looking tan to prepare the skin for the first sun exposure. A moisturized, more supple and softer skin; Borage oil, rich in essential fatty acids, contributes to the skin's hydration.

Doriance Solaire prepares, strengthens and prolongs the tan.

Directions for use: Take 1 DORIANCE SOLAIRE capsule per day, with a glass of water, preferably in the middle of a meal. For sun-sensitive skin, it is possible to take 2 capsules per day.

In anticipation of a stay in the sun, start at least 15 days before departure to prepare the skin. Continue during sun exposure to reinforce the tan and increase tolerance to the sun. Continue to take for one month after your return to maintain your tan. Not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.


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