Ginkor Fresh is a cooling gel that improves microcirculation and relieves heavy and tired legs. It reduces the feeling of swelling in the legs and ankles and tones them up while providing an active feeling of freshness and lightness.

48 hours
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Legs are put to the test throughout the day, from walking, standing or sitting for long periods of time, to sporting efforts... They signal their tiredness with pain or present venous circulation problems such as visible vessels.

This fresh gel for heavy legs is based on ginko biloba, one of the oldest species of tree used for its leaves, which is known to improve blood circulation. It is a veinotonic. Theextract of Escin brings its vasoconstrictor effects, that is to say that it favours the reduction of the diameter of the blood vessels by helping the blood to go back to the heart and avoid the sensation of heavy legs. Menthol helps to reduce the feeling of heavy legs and generates an instantaneous freshness effect. It stimulates the chemical receptors that react to cold under the skin, thus reducing pain.
Ginkor Fresh Gel tones and revitalizes while stimulating venous circulation.
Its small size can be easily slipped into your bag and taken with you everywhere.

The texture of this Ginkor gel penetrates quickly, it tones and refreshes the legs while enveloping you in a pleasant bamboo scent that encourages relaxation.

Apply Ginkor fresh gel at least in the morning and evening, 2 to 3 times a day as soon as you feel the sensation of heavy legs


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