Spagulax Pure Mucilage Granules 20 bags
  • Spagulax Pure Mucilage Granules 20 bags

Spagulax Pure Mucilage Granules 20 bags



Spagulax Mucilage pure granules is a medicine containing ispaghul. It is a ballast laxative recommended in the symptomatic treatment of constipation.

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The active substance is ispaghul (seed coat) dosed at 7 g for a 10 g dose sachet

The other component of its formula is sucrose


The usual recommended dosage is 1 sachet before or after each major meal

This drug usually begins to be effective after 2 or 3 days of treatment because of its mechanism of action

It is best to take the contents of the sachet in divided doses, without chewing the granules, each with sufficient water.

It should not be absorbed lying down, nor dry, in order to avoid the granules stagnating in the esophagus


This medicine should not be used in case of certain diseases of the intestine and colon, such as rectocolitis, Crohn's disease intestinal obstruction, or in case of abdominal pain or fecal impaction

Spagulax Mucilage pure granules should not be used for more than 8 days without medical advice

Any recent constipation unexplained by a change in lifestyle, or accompanied by pain, fever or swelling of the abdomen should be discussed with your doctor

Chronic (long-term) constipation should not be treated with a stimulant laxative

During pregnancy, Spagulax Pure Mucilage Granules should only be used on the advice of your doctor. If a pregnancy is discovered during treatment, you should consult your doctor, as only he or she can decide whether the treatment should be continued

In general, you should always ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before taking any medicine, especially if you are pregnant or breast-feeding


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