Biogaran Minoxidil 2% Hair Loss Solution Moderate 3 vials 60 ml


This medicine is indicated in case of moderate hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) inadults, men or women. It promotes hair growth and stabilizes the phenomenon of hair loss.

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Description Biogaran Minoxidil 2% Solution Moderate Hair Loss 3 bottles 60 ml

This medicine is indicated in case of moderate hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) in adult men and women. It promotes hair growth and stabilizes hair loss.

Directions for use Biogaran Minoxidil 2% Solution Moderate Hair Loss 3 bottles 60 ml

FOR ADULTS over 18 years old


Apply twice a day (once in the morning and once in the evening) a dose of 1 ml to the bald area of the scalp, starting from the center of the area to be treated.

The daily dose should not exceed 2 ml.

Mode of administration

Cutaneous way.

Spread the product with the fingertips so as to cover the entire area to be treated (see mode of application according to the delivery system).

Before and after applying the solution, wash your hands thoroughly.

Apply to perfectly dry hair and scalp.

The method of application varies according to the delivery system used with the bottle.

Sprayer: This system is suitable for application to large areas.

- Remove the small transparent cap and direct the sprayer towards the center of the surface to be treated, press once and spread the product with the fingertips. Repeat 6 times to apply a 1 ml dose.

After application, remove the sprayer, rinse it and screw the child-resistant cap back on the bottle.Sprayer with applicator: this system is suitable for application on small surfaces or under the hair.

1. Remove the small clear cap and pull up firmly to remove the "head" of the sprayer.2. Insert the applicator onto the sprayer stem (now without the head) and push it in fully.

3. Point the sprayer at the center of the area to be treated or under the hair, squeeze once and spread the product with your fingertips. Repeat 6 times to apply a 1 ml dose.

Avoid inhaling the product.

After application, remove the applicator and sprayer, rinse them and screw the child-resistant cap back on the bottle

Results may not be seen for 3 to 4 months of twice daily use. Do not use minoxidil if there is no improvement after 4 months of application.

Precautions for use Biogaran Minoxidil 2% Solution Hair Loss Moderate 3 bottles 60 ml


Hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients mentioned in the section List of excipients.

Warnings and other special precautions for use:

Before using topical minoxidil, the subject should ensure that the scalp is normal and healthy.

It should not be applied if the scalp skin is inflamed, infected, irritated or painful.

Increased percutaneous absorption of minoxidil, which may cause systemic effects, may occur in the presence of

- dermatosis or lesion of the scalp,

- concomitant application of retinoic acid, anthralin, or other irritating topicals

- increase of the applied dose and/or increase of the frequency of the applications: it is imperative to respect the dosage and the mode of administration.

Similarly, although extensive use of minoxidil solution has not revealed any systemic effects, it cannot be excluded that increased absorption due to individual variability or unusual sensitivity may cause systemic effects. Patients should be advised of this.

If systemic effects (e.g., decrease in blood pressure, tachycardia, signs of fluid retention (swelling of hands or feet), chest pain) or severe dermatological reactions (e.g., persistent redness or irritation of the scalp), fainting, dizziness, or sudden unexplained weight gain or any other unexpected symptoms occur (see Adverse Reactions), treatment should be discontinued and the patient should consult a physician.

Patients with cardiovascular disease or cardiac arrhythmias should consult a physician before using topical minoxidil. In these patients, the benefit of treatment should be weighed.

In particular, they should be warned of potential adverse effects so that treatment can be discontinued if any of these occur and a physician notified.

If symptoms persist or worsen, or if new symptoms develop, patients should discontinue treatment and seek medical attention.

Do not apply minoxidil :

- if hair loss occurs in patches and/or abruptly, if hair loss is due to disease, or medication, if childbirth occurs, or if the reason for the alopecia is unknown,

- on another part of the body,

- at the same time as other medications on the scalp.

Accidental ingestion may cause severe adverse effects, particularly cardiac (see Adverse Reactions). This product must therefore be kept out of the reach of children.

In case of accidental contact with the eye, injured skin, mucous membrane, the solution (containing ethanol) may cause a burning sensation and/or irritation: rinse thoroughly with cold running water.

Sun exposure is not recommended when applying minoxidil.

Do not inhale.

Use of a higher dosage or frequency will not improve results.

Continued treatment is necessary to increase and maintain hair growth. Otherwise, hair loss will resume.

A temporary increase in hair loss may occur during the first 2 to 6 weeks of treatment.

Unwanted hair growth may occur due to transfer of the product to areas other than the scalp.

This medication contains 207 mg of propylene glycol per 1 ml dose. It may cause skin irritation.

This medication contains 505 mg of alcohol (ethanol) per 1ml dose. This may cause a burning sensation on damaged skin. Keep away from any flame, lighted cigarette or source of intense heat (e.g. hair dryer).

Pregnancy and Nursing:

Topical minoxidil should not be used during pregnancy and lactation.


Animal studies have shown a risk to the fetus at very high levels of exposure compared to expected human exposure. A small, although unlikely, risk of fetal injury is possible in humans (see Preclinical Safety Data, Preclinical Safety Data).


Systemically administered minoxidil passes into breast milk; therefore, the drug should be avoided in nursing mothers.

Effects on ability to drive and use machines:

Minoxidil may cause dizziness or hypotension (see Adverse Reactions). If patients experience these symptoms, they should not drive or operate machinery.

Composition Biogaran Minoxidil 2% Moderate Hair Loss Solution 3 bottles 60 ml

solution for cutaneous application (clear, slightly yellow to pink with a form of alcohol odor): Minoxidil 2 g/100 ml.

Excipients: Propylene glycol, 96% ethanol, purified water.

Notable Excipients:

Each ml of solution contains 207 mg of propylene glycol and 505 mg of 96% ethanol.


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