Cooper Glycerin Suppositories adults box of 100


Glycerin suppositories for adults from Cooper Laboratories are intended for the symptomatic treatment of low-level constipation, particularly due to rectal dyschezia, and in preparation for endoscopic examinations of the rectum.

Available in boxes of 25, 50 or 100 glycerine suppositories.

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Description Cooper Glycerin Suppositories Adults Box of 100

Cooper Glycerin Suppositories Adults are intended for the symptomatic treatment of low-grade constipation, in particular due to rectal dyschezia, and for the preparation of endoscopic examinations of the rectum.

These suppositories allow to provoke a fast evacuation of the recto sigmoid by triggering the defecation reflex (laxative property). This one occurs within 5 to 30 minutes after the catch.

Rectal laxative, the suppositories glycerine Adults Cooper have for active principle the glycerine which stimulates the peristaltic movements and which decreases the resorption of water thanks to its osmotic and hygroscopic capacity.

It also has a local irritant power which takes part in the reflex defecation.

Directions for use Cooper Suppositories glycerine adults box of 100

To use Cooper Glycerine Suppositories Adults, put 1 suppository 5 to 30 minutes before the time chosen for exoneration to be renewed in the half-hour or the hour which follows in the event of rebel constipation.

The treatment of constipation should not, on average, exceed 10 days.

Small more: The suppository can be soaked in cold water to facilitate the introduction of it.

Precautions of use:

Rectal way.

The suppositories glycerin Adult Cooper are reserved to the adult.

In case of need, you can ask our pharmacists for advice on our online pharmacy.

Composition Cooper Suppositories Glycerin Adult box of 100

Glycerin 60 g/100 g.

Excipients :

Gelatin 10 g,

Water 30 g.


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