BIOTINE BAYER 0.5 PER CENT, I.M. injectable solution

Biotin 0.5% injectable hair loss solution - 6 ampoules


Indications: Biotine 0.5% injectable solution hair loss is indicated in the adjunctive treatment of hair loss. Intramuscular injectable solution used to treat diffuse alopecia (hair loss) in adults

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Description Biotin 0.5% injectable hair loss solution

Biotine 0.5% 6 ampoules is a medicine from the Bayer laboratories in the form of an intra-muscular injectable solution used to treat cases of alopecia (hair loss) in adults.

The active ingredient in Biotine 0.5% ampoule is biotin, a vitamin (also known as vitamin B8 or vitamin H ) which participates in the process of keratin synthesis in the body, an essential component of hair and nails.

Biotin 0.5% Hair Loss Injection from Bayer is used for the adjunctive treatment of diffuse alopecia in adults only.

Combating hair loss with Biotin 0.5% injectable solution

Injections of Biotin 0.5% ampoules should be carried out by a qualified person.

The usual recommended dosage for Biotin 0.5% injectable solution ampoules is 1 or 2 ampoules 3 times a week, for a 6 week treatment.

Presentation of Biotin 0.5%: solution for intramuscular injection in 1 ml ampoules, box of 6 ampoules for single use.

In the absence of clinical studies on the subject, Biotin 0.5% injection should not be used in pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Composition of Biotin 0.5% injectable hair loss solution - 6 ampoules

Biotin (vitamin H) ............................................................ 5,0 mg For one ampoule of 1 ml

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