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Visco-elastic preparation:

Pre-filled luer-lock syringe, 3 ml, presented in an individual sterility protector, unit box (EAN 3700288621047).



Sodium hyaluronate (FB)

Excipients: sodium chloride, boric acid, sodium borate, ppi water. Sterilization method: steam autoclave.


Symptomatic treatment of gonarthrosis.

The viscoelastic device Arthrum Visc 75 Mono Injection is recommended for reducing pain and restoring joint mobility by replacing and supplementing the elastoviscosity of the pathological synovial fluid in arthritic joints.

The therapeutic indications are all types of painful gonarthrosis:

  • Primary gonarthroses (radiological stages of kelgreen I, II and III).

  • Gonarthrosis and associated general factors: ineffectiveness of usual treatments, intolerance and or contraindication to NSAIDs and/or analgesics, use of anticoagulants, polymedication (hypertension, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal problems), contraindications linked to the fitting of a prosthesis (young subject) and various contraindications linked to the patient's condition.

  • Early gonarthrosis in young patients.

  • Gonarthrosis secondary to trauma and to the aftermath of joint fractures.

Instructions for use

1 intra-articular injection in the knee. A second injection may be given between the first and third month if the patient's painful symptomatology justifies it.

  • Open the individual sterility protector aseptically.

  • Take the syringe aseptically.

  • Screw the injection needle onto the Luer lock after removing the tip-cap without touching the tip of the syringe with your finger.

  • Inject intra-articularly.

  • Single use. The syringe and needle must be disposed of immediately after use, in a specific single-use waste box.

Precautions for use

Precautions for use :

  • Check the integrity of the individual sterility protector of the product before use.

  • Respect the rules of asepsis.

  • Do not inject other products at the same time as Arthrum Visc 75 Mono Injection.

  • The precautions for use are those required by the protocol used for intra-articular injections in rheumatology and orthopaedic surgery. The specialist physician remains responsible for his or her own techniques and indications.

  • Inform the patient that he/she must remain at rest for 24 hours and avoid all sports and/or professional activities.

For professional use only.


  • Do not inject intravascularly.

  • Do not inject outside the joint cavity or into the synovial tissue or capsule and/or in the presence of significant effusion.

  • Not studied in pregnant women.


Do not use quaternary ammonium (benzalkonium chloride) for skin disinfection during intra-articular injection of Arthrum Visc 75 Mono Injection.

Adverse reactions:

Arthrum Visc 75 Mono Injection is well tolerated. Occasionally, pain may occur for 48 hours. It is recommended to apply an ice bladder for a few hours.


  • All inflammatory conditions of the joint that should be treated before treatment with Arthrum Visc 75 Mono Injection is initiated.

  • Do not administer if the patient has a known hypersensitivity to sodium hyaluronate.

Storage conditions

Store before opening between + 2 °C and + 30 °C.

Protect from light and freezing.

After opening, the viscoelastic Arthrum Visc 75 Mono Injection must be used immediately and discarded after use.


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