This medicine helps smokers to quit smoking. The tablet to be sucked brings in the blood, nicotine, the main active substance of tobacco, responsible for the habit.

It is used either to stop smoking permanently or to stop temporarily.

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DESCRIPTION NiQuitinMinis 1,5mg sugar-free sucking tablets:

NiQuitinMinis are always at hand and throughout the day, NiQuitinMinis sucking tablets allow you, with an easy and discreet gesture, to fight effectively against your feelings of withdrawal.

NiQuitinMinis melt in your mouth in about 10 minutes to quickly erase the cigarette: with a fresh mint taste and in a portable format to take with you everywhere.

NiQuitinMinis are intended for smokers who wish to be active in their withdrawal and choose the time to take their treatment because they attach great importance to maintaining a certain gesture.

MODE OF ACTION NiQuitinMinis 1,5mg to suck without sugar :

NiQuitinMinis dissolve in the mouth through the oral mucosa and deliver nicotine into the body. It is therefore essential to respect the method of administration.

The interest of NiQuitinMinis is to deliver a regular dose of nicotine in order to fight against the symptoms of withdrawal, and thus to palliate the behavioural dependence, by replacing the taking of a cigarette by that of the tablet to be sucked.

USE NiQuitinMinis 1,5mg to suck without sugar:

NiQuitinMinis 1.5 mg is a strong dosage for smokers with a high nicotine level (Fagerstrom test)

Complete cessation of smoking is preferable.

Reduction of tobacco consumption:

Smokers who want to quit smoking, should feel ready to "take the plunge" overnight. They can start by reducing their cigarette consumption to make it easier for you to quit

Temporary abstinence from smoking:

As soon as you find yourself in a place where you cannot smoke (e.g. on an airplane), you can suck on a tablet each time the urge to smoke arises.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE NiQuitinMinis 1.5mg sugar-free chewable tablet:

NIQUITINMINIS FRESH MINT 1.5 mg SUGAR-FREE, acesulfame potassium sweetened chewable tablet, should not be given to subjects under 18 years of age without a doctor's prescription. There are no data evaluating treatment with this drug in subjects under 18 years of age.

- Adults and Elderly:

The 1.5 mg chewable tablet is indicated for smokers with low to moderate nicotine dependence, i.e. smoking their first cigarette beyond 30 minutes after waking.

Complete cessation of smoking

The treatment of nicotine dependence is usually done in 3 steps.

. Step 1 Weeks 1-6 :

Initial treatment phase: 1 sucking tablet every 1 to 2 hours

. Stage 2 Weeks 7 to 9 :

Follow-up treatment: 1 tablet to be sucked every 2 to 4 hours

. Stage 3 Weeks 10 to 12 :

Smoking cessation: 1 tablet to be sucked every 4 to 8 hours

To help the continuation of the withdrawal after 12 weeks: 1 to 2 tablets to suck per day only in case of strong temptations.

During weeks 1 to 6, the dosage should be at least 9 sucking tablets per day.

The number of sucking tablets should not exceed 15 per day.

Temporary abstinence from smoking

Suck one tablet each time the urge to smoke arises.

The number of 1.5 mg tablets should not exceed 15 tablets per day

Slowly suck the tablet for the required time (10 minutes for NiQuitinMinis), moving it back and forth in your mouth until it is completely dissolved. The tablet should not be chewed or swallowed as the nicotine is gradually released and must be absorbed by the oral mucosa. Do not eat or drink while the tablet is in your mouth.

NiQuitinMinis are available in pharmacies, without prescription. Do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice.


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